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Miss Vera Carp - Pritchard, 2013 - Dip, dor, EM, 32" Scapes with 4.5" flower, 3 way branching with 19 buds.  Pod and pollen fertile.  Increases nicely. 

Shattered Hearts - Pritchard, 2014 - Dip, se, Mid, 32" scapes with 6" flower,  3 way branching with 23 buds.  Pod and pollen fertile.   

Daylilies at Turtle Junction is a small hobby garden located in the mid-Ohio valley about a mile, straight as a crow flies, from the Ohio river.  Because of space limitations, I only work with diploids and my main focus is on Color Changers.  Visitors are welcome, just drop me an email to make sure I'm here.  Peak bloom is the first 2 weeks of July. 


 $35.00 - double fan - very limited                        




Update – Dec 2017

Another great year in the seedling beds. Lots of new color changers to work with and I'm especially excited about one in particular. (Please see color changer seedling page.)  While seed production started out slow, I more than made up for it at the end of the season.  With so many great choices, I can already see a pot ghetto starting next spring. 

I also have my 1st color change introduction that will be available for spring shipping – please see below.

Happy Winter - Peggy





Spencer's Snafu - Pritchard, 2018 - Dip, dor, mid, 23" with 6" flower, 2 way branching with 15 buds.  Pod and pollen fertile. 

Spencer's Snafu is my 1st color change introduction.  Great foliage with sturdy scapes and very good substance.  Starts as pink/lavender in the morning and goes through lavenders, blue-grey and then to cream yellow.  (seedling 14-896cc)

$125.00 - single fan plus increase - ready for May shipping.

Below is a morning photo and also a shot of the dormant foliage after a mild winter here in my zone 6 garden. 

I'm still trying to keep up with requests for Miss Vera Carp and unfortunately, all the fans I have  for Spring of 2018 are spoken for.  Please check back for 2019.

New for spring 2018

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